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POMOCtu Terms Of Service

Thank you for using POMOCtu applications and services (POMOCtu, Services, Applications)

The Services are provided by SayEnergy Sp. z o.o. [LLC.] (“SayEnergy” or “Us”). The following terms and conditions (“Terms Of Service”) form a binding agreement between You and Us, and govern Your use of POMOCtu.

By using POMOCtu you accept and agree to comply with all POMOCtu Terms Of Service. Please read them carefully.

1. Definitions

Terms Of Service - Terms Of Service – POMOCtu Terms Of Service defined in this document

User – any entity using Services (also referred to as “You”)

Application - web and mobile applications made available to Users on POMOCtu website and / or via Apple App Store and / or Google Play under the name POMOCtu.

Help Request Owner – User, who submits help request by filling in simple form in Application.

Person Assigned To Help Request – User, who responded to help request by providing contact information and submitting simple form in Application.

POMOCtu Privacy Policy – document defining data governance and protection rules applied when collecting, processing and sharing data in Application, an integral part of the Terms Of Service, available on

2. Using POMOCtu

To use our Services You must be at least 18 years old and have full legal capacity, You may represent legal entity or organizational unit without legal personality that can, on its own behalf, acquire rights and incur obligations, and You must accept the Terms Of Service.

If you are at least 13 years old but not yet 18 you may use our Services, with consent of your parent or legal guardian who accepts Terms Of Service, and to extent to which you may acquire rights and incur liabilities in accordance with generally applicable law.

Using the Application is free of charge.

POMOCtu is based on the assumption of social and mutual trust as well as the assumption of good will of users who need help or want to help. All users of the application are absolutely obliged to provide only true information that will serve providing and receiving help in efficient and reliable way. You may not cheat or exploit social trust and goodwill of others. Phishing and misuse of information is strictly prohibited.

Providing help should be free. A smile, a thank you, gratitude and good social relations are values your should follow when bringing help to those in need. You may need it one day too.

This does not apply to costs of purchased goods or services requested by, and agreed with Help Request Owner and provided by Person Assigned To Help Request with receipt or invoice.

3. Application functionality

Using the Application does not require registration and creating a User Account.

The core functionality of the Application is connecting Users submitting help requests with Users willing to respond to them and provide requested help.

Help Request Owner describes their needs, provides location and expected deadline by filling in simple form.

Temporally, in extraordinary situations (e.g. such as epidemiological threat), there may be additional form fields required to be filled before help request may be submitted. The collection of this data is driven by sense of responsibility and allows proper risk assessment and preparation to deliver help and receive help in safe and efficient way.

User willing to help provides their location to browse help requests that come from near locations. User may respond to selected help request providing their contact phone and message to the Help Request Owner. Submitting response User becomes Person Assigned To Help Request, help request status is changed and Help Request Owner is notified (on mobile apps and when using browser with web app).

Help Request Owner should make direct phone call to the Person Assigned To Help Request and agree all further details necessary to receive help.

Help Request Owner can change some data of already submitted help request (like expected deadline, comment), may delete help request at any time, may share their detailed location with the Person Assigned To Help Request and finally should close help request that was successfully resolved. Application will inform Person Assigned To Help Request about changes made by Help Request Owner.

4. Technical requirements to use the POMOCtu

POMOCtu Application may be used via web application (in browser) and / or dedicated mobile applications available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

To ensure high quality of provided Services and data security we recommend using the latest versions of web browsers with security patches installed when using web application. The Service may notify You of unsupported browser versions and / or be unavailable or not function properly on older versions of your browser.

To use the Application on Android, a device with a system version 4.4 or higher, sufficient memory to install the Application and internet connection is required

To use the Application on iOS, a device with a system version 9 or higher, sufficient memory to install the Application and internet connection is required.

It is recommended to enable location services of your mobile device and let the Application use it.

You acknowledge and accept that some functionality, content, the Application or some Services may be unavailable from time to time, may be suspended or disabled.

5. Limitation of Liability

In all cases, SayEnergy is not responsible for the content of help requests, responses to help request nor provided or not provided help as a result of submitted and responded help requests.

POMOCtu Application is a free platform that facilitates requesting and receiving free help services. Application users bear full individual responsibility for information entered in the Application, and for activities performed as a direct and indirect consequence of the information entered shared via Application.

Under no circumstances SayEnergy will be liable for any losses or damages arising from the actions of Application Users, in particular for health and life losses.

6. Complaints

If you have a question or complaint regarding our Services, please contact as via email:, or using other contact forms listed on website.

7. Final Provisions

SayEnergy may modify the Terms of Service or Additional Terms that apply to certain Services, for example, to reflect changes in law, changes to the Services, including adding fees for certain Services.

We’ll post notice of modifications to Terms Of Service on the Service web page.

Changes to Terms Of Service will become effective upon the date given by SayEnergy in the change notice, but not sooner than 7 days after they were posted, however, changes addressing new functions for a Service or changes made for legal reasons, changes for new Users will be effective immediately.

In matters not covered by these Terms Of Service generally applicable provisions of Polish law will apply, in particular: the Act of 23 April 1964. - Civil Code, the Act of 29 August 1997. on protection of personal data, the Act of 18 July 2002. on provision of services by electronic means – all with further amendments currently in force.

If it turns out that a particular term in Terms Of Service is not enforceable, this will not affect any other terms.

All disputes arising from these Terms Of Service or relating to the Services shall be governed by the laws of Poland and shall litigated exclusively by the competent court of law in Poland.